The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate
& Energy in the Americas

“Local governments are the first to face and suffer the impact of climate change affecting our communities. That’s why it’s important to have the GCoM, the largest alliance of local governments in the world working for climate action, which allows municipalities and local governments, whether large or small, to have a voice and tell the world what we are doing

Carolina Basualdo
Mayor of Despeñaderos (Argentina) and member of the Global Board of the GCoM

The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy (GCoM) is a robust and historic response to climate change from cities worldwide. It is the largest global alliance for city climate leadership, built upon the commitment of over 13,000 towns and local governments. These cities hail from 6 continents and 144 countries, and in total, they represent more than 1.2 billion peopleWith climate mitigation targets projected to reduce global emissions by 4.1 GtCO₂e in 2050, GCoM cities are already taking action by sharing a long-term vision of supporting voluntary action to combat climate change. Together, we’re working towards a resilient, low-emission society and a just energetic transition.

Almost 1,000
committed cities

More than 300 million people live in GCoM cities in Americas

As the world struggles with the urgent need to address climate change, local leaders in the American continent are taking bold steps towards a sustainable future with the support of the GCoM and vital aid from the European Union. From the northernmost point of Canada to the southernmost point of Chile, GCoM is a powerful force driving climate action at the regional level across the American continent.
The Global Covenant of Mayors in the Americas is organized into four regions: Latin America, Canada, the Caribbean, and the United States. Currently, the alliance has a Regional Secretariat and a support body for cities, the Helpdesk. The GCoM works closely with the European Union Delegations spread across the countries where the alliance is present.

“The Global Covenant of Mayors is an ideal way for Guelph to connect with other cities, share data and metrics, and find solutions to common problems such as climate change”.

Cam Guthrie
Mayor of Guelph (Canada) and member of the global board of the GCoM



Canada, known for its vast and diverse landscapes, faces many challenges due to climate change. With its northern territories experiencing some of the most rapid warming on the planet, the country already struggles with extreme weather events, which threaten communities and infrastructure nationwide, and the reduction of its biodiversity.


More than 60 committed cities


More than 16 million people live in Canadian GCoM cities

GCoM fosters collaboration among Canadian municipalities, advancing sustainable practices and resilience in its local communities. Collaborative efforts between the various levels of government and international cooperation are crucial in navigating the complex challenges of climate change and ensuring a sustainable future for the country.

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“If we want to achieve the objectives we have set for ourselves, we must work together at every level, locally and globally. In this sense, the Global Covenant of Mayors is an excellent platform to allow mayors all around the world to connect, share, and innovate so that we can find the best solutions to slow or even reverse the global trend”.

Valérie Plante
Mayor of Montreal (Quebec), Canada

GCoM Canada Cohort

The GCOM Canada Cohort is an initiative financed by the European Union that works as a beacon of support and collaboration for municipal staff in implementing climate mitigation and adaptation efforts. Bridging the gap between planning and execution is paramount to achieving our climate targets.
The GCOM Canada Cohort empowers its participating cities: Beaconsfield, Durham, Fredericton, Guelph, Halifax, Hamilton, Huron Kinloss, Laval, Mississauga, Ottawa, Saskatoon, St. Catharines, St. John’s, Windsor through one-to-one meetings, group training, peer-to-peer workshops, and tailored deliverables to confront implementation challenges head-on and devise effective strategies for success. We are poised to make meaningful strides towards a more sustainable and resilient future.

The United States, as one of the world’s largest economies and greenhouse gas emitters, plays a significant role in the global conversation surrounding climate changeWith diverse landscapes and varying regional climates, the country experiences various climate-related challenges, from wildfires and hurricanes to droughts and heatwaves.


Almost 200 committed cities


Almost 90 million people live in American GCoM cities

The U.S. has also led climate science, innovation, and policy development. American cities are taking steps to reduce emissions, transition to renewable energy sources, and build climate resilience. The international cooperation and renewed commitment the GCoM represents have been significant incentives for subnational climate action in the United States.

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As a collection of small island developing states, the Caribbean nations are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Rising sea levels, increased frequency of extreme weather events, and coral reef degradation threaten livelihoods and ecosystems.


8 committed


More than 2 million people live in Caribbean GCoM citiess

In response, Caribbean cities are engaging in adaptation and mitigation efforts, seeking innovative solutions and international cooperation to build resilience and ensure sustainable development in the face of a changing climate. Caribbean mayors and local leaders are eager to lead all over the region, and the Global Covenant of Mayors helps them take action.

“Being part of the Global Covenant of Mayors has been my best decision. Climate change is an ever-important issue, and my ability to speak confidently on climate mitigation and adaptation has grown immensely. The unity of cities is essential because the impact of climate change is universal. We stand ready to champion the GCoM mission.”

Sharon Palacio
Mayor of Belmopán, Belize


Mexico City

Latin America deals with the profound impacts of climate change, encompassing diverse ecosystems and socio-economic contexts across the region. From the melting glaciers of the Andes to the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest, the effects are manifold and far-reaching. Vulnerabilities include threats to agriculture, water resources, biodiversity, and human health, exacerbating inequalities and socio-economic disparities.


Almost 700
committed cities


More than 220 million people live in Latin American GCoM cities

Cities and local governments of Latin America increasingly recognize the urgency of addressing climate change through mitigation efforts, renewable energy adoption, and adaptation strategies tailored to local contexts. International cooperation and regional partnerships play a crucial role in fostering resilience and sustainable development in the face of this global challenge. As one of the most vulnerable regions to the impacts of climate change, Latin American cities are working towards a resilient and low-emission society with the partnership of GCoM.

“The Amazon has its own agenda linked to conservation, climate change, and respect for Amazonian and indigenous culture. We need to have an active presence to empower the Amazonian issues on the global agenda. The GCoM, thanks to its work with local governments, helps us address our issues and provide the necessary attention to make the Amazon the true lung of the world.”

Vladimir Chong
Mayor of Maynas, Peru

The Latin American Mayors’ Forum

The Mayors’ Forum is a governance body of the GCoM in Latin America. Established in 2022, it brings together mayors from signatory municipalities of the Global Covenant of Mayors from various countries in the region who stand out for their work and commitment to climate change. The objective of the Forum is to strengthen cities’ voices in the GCoM’s strategy and define priorities in Latin America.
It provides greater visibility to the climate action commitment of GCoM signatory municipalities and strengthens their presence in key regional and global climate agenda events and forums. The members of the Mayors’ Forum contribute to the review of the GCoM’s regional strategy to improve its relevance to municipalities’ realities, promote the activities of the alliance with other cities, and participate in national, regional, and global events of the Global Covenant of Mayors, among other responsibilities.


The EU strongly supports climate action for the Americas through a multifaceted and wide-reaching approach, assisting cities as they transition to a low-carbon, more resource-efficient, and sustainable economy as a part of the efforts to achieve its climate and energy goals in line with the Paris Agreement and the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It partners with regional organizations, governments, and local communities to implement ambitious climate mitigation and adaptation strategies. The EU’s contributions are pivotal in advancing the region’s climate resilience agenda, from financing renewable energy projects to promoting sustainable land management practices.

The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy (GCoM) is one important initiative funded by the European Union in the Americas. Through knowledge sharing, training programs, and technology transfer, the EU fosters innovation and strengthens the capacity of governments and civil society organizations to tackle climate change impacts head-on. The European Union catalyzes transformative change by promoting cooperation and collaboration, driving the transition towards a low-carbon, climate-resilient future across the American continent.